1(866)201-2001| How to fix Canon Printer Error 5100?

  • The best technique to Fix Canon Printers Error Code 5100

    Procedure 1: Inspect Your Printer

    Procedure 2: Using Purge Mechanism

    Procedure 3: Reseat the Ink Cartridges

    Procedure 4: Reset the Ink Absorber

    Procedure 5: Remove and Reseat All Ink Tanks

    Referenced underneath are some fruitful hacks which you can use to decide this goof. Simply follow the fixes as recorded and resolve it quickly. It is recommended, not to skirt any fix.

    Procedure 1: Inspect Your Printer

    If, any humble article slows down out inside the printer, by then you can encounter this bungle. To decide the condition, endeavor to follow these methods:

    Directly off the bat, turn off the printer and check if the power line is unplugged or not.

    Directly, open the printer and evaluate what is inside. You need to check whether any vagabond bits of paper are left inside the printer or not.

    If, you find any article, empty it and keep an eye in the unlikely event that it settles the issue or not.

    System 2: Using Purge Mechanism

    You can in like manner settle this goof by using the purge framework. Since it can happen that you are getting this mix-up due to the wash down top not lubed up okay.

    In case such is the circumstance, you need to oil up the sliders with some oil and remove the right board.

    This procedure can fix this issue and has done moreover for certain customers. In any case, if it doesn't work, move to the accompanying fix.

    Procedure 3: Reseat the Ink Cartridges

    Reseating the ink cartridges can in like manner settle this error. Follow the methods recorded underneath.

    From the beginning, turn off the printer and unplug it from the divider connection.

    Next, press the "On/Off" button and all the while and plug back the connection.

    By and by, hit the "Stop/Reset" button on various occasions while holding down the "On/Off" button. Next, let go the "On/Off" button. It will put your printer to the modern office mode.

    Starting there forward, you need to hit the right jolt button until you notice "Conveyance Mode 3" on the LCD appear.

    By and by, tap on the "okay" button in order to pick it. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, tap the "Stop/Reset" button when you see a message which says "Without Cleaning."

    It will uncover to you that your printer will print out a test page. By and by, lift up the printer spread and hold up until the cartridge move to the other side. Starting there forward, unplug the printer from the outlet.

    Next, lift out both of the ink cartridges and close the spread.

    Next, plug back the power connection and hit the "On/Off" button.

    Directly, place the ink cartridge back, when you notice the "Replace Cartridges" message.

    Remain by some time until your printer sees the cartridges before you are endeavoring to print.

    Next, endeavor to check, if it settle this mix-up or not.

    Technique 4: Reset the Ink Absorber

    You can similarly endeavor to reset the waste ink shield on a standard purifying in order to decide this mix-up. Follow the methods referenced underneath.

    Directly off the bat, guarantee that the printer is murdered. Starting there forward, press and hold the "Resume" button.

    While you are holding it down, press the "Power" button.

    Directly, you will see the green drove is ON.

    Directly, hold holding down the Power catch and release the "Resume" button and starting now and into the foreseeable future, press it twice. The light will go brilliant and a short time later green again.

    Next, release the Power catch and press the Resume button on various occasions.

    By and by, press the Power catch to certify the Reset Counter Absorber strategy.

    Starting there ahead, turn off the printer and turn it on again.

    In this way, these are the way to reset the defend. All around, it will help you with settling this misstep. In any case, in case you notice this goof endures, endeavor the accompanying fix.

    Strategy 5: Remove and Reseat All Ink Tanks

    Reseating all ink tanks can in like manner settle this error. To play out this strategy, follow the methods as recorded.

    Directly off the bat, with the help of an electric light, check the paper feed areas of your printer. In like manner, watch that there are no paper sticks or checks in the printer which can cause this screw up.

    Directly, you need to look inside the printer where the inks are found and guarantee that there are no obstructions there.

    Starting there ahead, oust and reset all the ink tanks inside the printer.

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