Solutions to the Webroot Invalid Error Messages

  • If, while installing Webroot on Windows or Mac system, you encounter an Invalid error message, go through the method provided below and fix the problem.
    Assure that you are correctly attaching the product key to Webroot. For certain cases, you may get confused with this i/1, o/0, s/5 etc. and incorrectly enter the code that causes the errors for key text, the letters, and character.
    When downloading or installing Webroot antivirus from using a CD drive on your Window or Mac devices, ensure that every character or digit of the Webroot product key is saved to prevent any problem.
    If you are using an email that you built an account to install Webroot Antivirus software from the app, copy-paste the product key into the box shown in the installer. Using the mouse, select the complete key code, then right-click and select Copy option, and paste it into a safe and requested location.
    Verify that there is no earlier version of Webroot software installed within your Windows or Mac computers. If there is some old software version available then it's possible that the earlier software will prevent the new software from being installed. So first, uninstall the previous version of Webroot software or upgrade software with the new upgrade.
    If the product key error message could not be checked and still appears on the screen then verify that your Webroot antivirus has the authority to connect to the internet and try again. Also, ensure the internet connection is secure during the entire process.

    Now verify the error has been resolved after the above solutions, run the application and check its execution. Call Webroot Support Team at should the Webroot Invalid Error Messages start.