Word for Mac document stops responding

  • One of the most depressing moment is when you click on the Save button to save a Word document you're working on, an error pops up and says: Microsoft Word isn't responding. The error also happens when you try to open a Word document.
    If you cannot save or open a Word file because Microsoft Word isn't responding on Windows or Mac, here are how to fix it and save the document. How to fix Word for Mac document stops?

    Clear the Auto Recovery folder

    Try to clear the Auto Recovery folder. To try to do this, follow these steps:

    On the Go menu, click Home.
    Open Documents.
    Open Microsoft User Data.
    Open the Office Autorecovery folder.

    Run the Repair Tool for Microsoft Word

    If your Microsoft Office is installed by click-to-run, you will see the window "How would you like to repair your Office Programs." click Online Repair > Repair.

    If your Microsoft Office is MSI-based installed, you'll see the "Change your installation" window, click Repair> Continue.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to end the Repair. Then try to open or save the Word document and see if Word is responding now.