Best CBD Oil UK 2020 - Top Brands Reviewed and Tested

  • This is the perfect product for someone who wants a really natural CBD experience. Whilst the other products do justice to cannabis’ natural benefits, raw hemp extract is the closest to the plant in form and composition. The extract is a thick paste, which like the oil can either be consumed on its own or incorporated into other ingredients. This product contains not only all the natural cannabinoids in the plant, but also maintain the naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds enhance the natural flavor and also boost the network of effects associated with the best CBD oil UK.

    So whether you’re new to the world of CBD, or you’re just looking to branch out and try a new product, hopefully, this guide has been insightful. Generally, people begin with the CBD oil as it is the most widely available and versatile of the products. Once you’ve tried this you can make the call of whether a richer hemp experience is for you, in which case we would suggest the raw hemp extract; or if you would prefer to take a step back but still enjoy the benefits of CBD, the capsules are probably the product for you.