What Webroot can do for You?

  • Webroot provides a variety of features that makes it the best in its business segment. Below, we have created a list of all the new features that Webroot provides, to know more about the advantages and attributes of Webroot visit webroot.com/safe.

    Webcam protection: It is one of the most common and trending cyber-crime to illegally take pictures and videos through webcam. Webroot secures user's devices against this crime by blocking spying bugs over the Internet.
    Quick Speed: The best feature of Webroot is to provide a rapid speed to your computer system instead of getting it slower than usual. The quick scanning system of Webroot helps in accomplishing all its tasks quickly, hence support the system to increase its workability.
    Low Storage Space: Webroot only acquire 15 MB of your computer device that makes it one of the lightest antiviruses in the world.
    Identity Protection: Webroot secures the username, password, and other essential credentials of the users to not get shared over the Internet.
    Notify: The feature of notifying will inform the users about any dangerous malware or virus contain websites or links. Thus, users will know about fraud and phishing websites.

  • Webroot can protect your username, account, and other personal information from keyloggers, essay writing help. spyware, and other online threats from valuable personal data.