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  • Hey guys,

    Got a conditional offer for the LSE and need to pass an english test, either TOEFL or IELTS. I passed the TOEFL 2+ years ago and didn't really like the test (length, structure, speaking to a computer,...)

    So I decided to take the IELTS this time. Plus, since I'm a native speaker, speaking to a person is an advantage for me - as opposed to talking to a screen. Also, I heard the IELTS is slightly easier than the TOEFL.

    Here's my question

  • Firstly you need to understand that IELTS is a language based test that focuses to test your ability to comprehend speak and write English. For that, you just need to have a basic understanding of the language. In the Listening section, they expose you to different accents. Hence, if you are not exposed much to English of different accents, I would recommend you to watch as many English movies, web series you can. By this way, you can tune yourself to different accents as well as you will be entertained. Also, you should try one or two model listening tests of an hour each. You can get ample such stuff over the internet especially youtube. During practice as well as in exam please try to keep your concentration level high because your attention does count. Try to score more marks in the first 20 questions because they will be easy to listen and comprehend.

  • Coming to reading section, read a variety of materials viz. articles, editorials of newspapers, stories of different genres. While choosing the article to read, please ensure that the article is at least 1000-1500 words long. During the exam, before reading try to have a glimpse of the questions and look for keywords. This will help you in finding the answers quickly. Practice accordingly at home too.

  • The International English Language testing system(IELTS) is one of the toughest English proficiency tests accepted. The test is taken by more than 2 million candidates every year and measures a person’s ability in English on 4 different parameters-Listening, reading, writing and speaking. Rather choosing many books or materials for the exam. It is advised to choose only few authentic books. One should know what skills are need in order to get high score in the exam.

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