Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Refund

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    There are times when you need to cancel your flight bookings due to some sudden and important piece of work. In such situations, some people find it troublesome to cancel a booked flight. But if you have made reservations on Turkish Airlines, the task becomes easier for you.
    All you need is to go to the website of the airlines and make the flight cancellation. But the thing you should consider before you do the cancellation is the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. So, read the cancellation policy before you cancel the Turkish Airlines reservations.
    Some Important Points Worth to Consider Before Canceling Turkish Airlines Flight Bookings
    • When you want to cancel your flight ticket on Turkish Airlines, the cancellation can be done through its website or at the airport up to 24 hours before the departure.
    • Also, you can cancel your Turkish flight reservation without paying any additional cancellation charges if you make the flight cancellation under 24 hours of its purchase.
    • Besides, for all tickets purchased within 7 days of the flight departure would be required to pay the cancellation charges. Even if the cancellation is made under 24 hours of the purchase.
    • In addition, only refundable Turkish Airlines reservations can request for a refund and once your request are processed. It will take at least one week to get a refund. In case of a delay, you should contact the corresponding bank or the payment interface through which the flight booking is done.
    • Moreover, the amount of refund will be returned through the same mode of transaction and in the same currency through which reservation is completed.
    Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Booking From Anywhere at Any Time
    Aside from this, if you want to know more about the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, you can connect with the Turkish Airlines reservations center to get help.

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