My Computer has Problem Connecting to Wifi

  • How to manage the Computer not connecting to WiFi trouble?
    Multiple people complain about the Computer not connecting to WiFi trouble pretty often. A person might face such difficulties of Computer unable connecting to the WiFi network due to several reasons. Among the causes which create problems in connecting a PC to a WiFi network, few might be pretty minor. So, those who are facing trouble in connecting their Computer to WiFi and don't know the solutions can collect necessary details from below.
    How to fix Computer trouble while connecting to WiFi?
    Your Computer might cause issues while connecting to WiFi due to network error, outdated driver or incorrect settings. However, you can correct Computer error in connecting to WiFi with help of some tricks. Hence, the solutions for dealing with Computer not connecting to WiFi problem are as described below or get computer technical support assistance online.
    Restart Computer and WiFi device
    • At first you must restart your Computer that will clear up minor stall causing error in connecting to WiFi
    • Further, turn off your WiFi router and modem, then turn on again and retry to connect your Computer to WiFi
    Run Troubleshooter
    • Look for WiFi icon on Computer and right click
    • After that select the Troubleshoot problems tab
    • Next you have to follow all the instructions until the Troubleshooter resolve the problem
    • After that close the Troubleshooter and retry to connect your Computer to the WiFi
    Change power settings of adapter
    • Find the Battery icon in notification tab to open the Power button
    • After that, navigate to Preferred power plan tab and choose change settings
    • Next move to Change advanced power settings tab and select Wireless adapter settings
    • Then chose power saving mode for both battery and plugged in and hit save button