Effectiveness of Sex Offender Treatment

  • Effectiveness of Sex Offender Treatment
    The sex offender treatment is a controversial issue that exists in correctional facilities. Policymakers, as well as the public, have been considerably attentive to the impact of sex crimes on the victims and the community as a whole. Hence, the perception of sex offenders is that they are a unique group of delinquents that need special treatment. The essay aims to assess how effective sex offender treatment is and recommends treatment approaches and their respective political impacts https://exclusivepapers.org/excel-projects-for-students.php.

    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Sex Offender Treatment
    However controversial it may seem, sex offender treatment such as proper management practices like therapeutic interventions can be effective in its management because it reduces the likelihood of recommitting crime. The effectiveness of sex offender treatment is still under debate despite the substantial scientific evidence that some treatment interventions are effective. Some treatment program interventions indeed bring out positive results in sex crimes perpetrators. However, the mechanisms that lead to such abusive behavior vary depending on the delinquent. Sex offender treatment may exhibit different impacts on the treated individuals depending on their characteristics as well as other contextual factors. First-time offenders have a high chance of exhibiting positive responses to treatment. It is, therefore, better to follow treatment methods tailored to the offense dynamics, needs, and risks of the individual offender rather than use one approach to fit them all. Thus, with varying sex offender treatment, the treatment is more likely to be more efficient than to fail.

    Recommended Treatment Approaches
    As a community correctional administrator, I would advocate for more individualized treatment and assessment such as therapeutic interventions. According to MacKenzie (2006), the cognitive-behavioral and relapse prevention treatment procedures can achieve some modest reductions in sexual as well as non-sexual recidivism. I would choose this approach because the rate of recidivism for the offenders treated using this method is low when compared with the untreated delinquents. Furthermore, the treatment does not have to be delivered by a particular organization or criminal justice agency for it to work. It gives positive results in spite of whoever performs it or the place of operation.
    Since the mechanisms that bring forth sexually abusive behavior are different depending on the offender, it is crucial for the treatment to vary and to be effective. Therapeutic interventions when conducted at the broadest level and concerning ones’ contextual and individual factors can help enhance public safety, promote offender accountability, and reduce recidivism even in just few sex offenders. Besides, the treatment approaches can ultimately translate into reduced harm and fewer victims as well as an increase in taxpayer investment.

    Political Implications
    The treatment plan has political consequences for the general public. Public perceptions are more focused on the opinions of the citizens regarding community protection policies. Therefore, sex offending issues go on silently and besides, sex offenders deny their deviance to the general public. However, the media's extended attention highlights various recidivism cases and increases public notification of sex offenders in society. Nevertheless, just exposing sex offenders does not reduce prejudice. Therapeutic interventions, as well as interactions, can lead to greater acceptance and thus low levels of discrimination. Therefore, since the therapeutic interventions give positive results, it also has positive political implications for the public.

    It is a fact that some sex offender treatments can work positively in reducing recidivism in the delinquents. Sex offender treatment is an integral part of its management, and despite the positive results being modest, it is still crucial to carry on the treatment. Furthermore, therapeutic interventions can ultimately be translated into less personal harm and fewer victims. Additionally, the general public relies on the media in relaying information on sexual abuse. Therefore, legislators should also share the same belief when enacting laws. All in all, the therapeutic interventions can be effective in the treatment of sex offenders by reducing recidivism.

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