Don’t park your car at the airport.

  • Should you park your car at the airport? You may answer “Why not?”, but after reading this thread you may change your mind.
    Frequent travelers never park at the airport, and with good reason. There is really a little value in parking at the airport because of the risks of damage to your car. You may return from trips and find dents, scratched doors, and cracked windows. Airports hope you don’t read this because it is a major source of income for most airports and is often the highest income source not directly related to aircraft operations.
    You must look for a safe off-airport option. If you’re looking for a good deal for airport parking, it is conducted thorough research, not just at a national level but also at a local level. Airport owned lots charge hourly rates making them very expensive in the long run, while private lots are usually priced by the day making them cheap, due to the long term parking service availability. Cheap Long Term Airport Parking Perth is a company dedicated to this cause.