10 Best Places to See in Kasauli Tourism 2020

  • Kasauli is the best and an ideal destination for hiking and also it is one of the best tourist attractions places, developed by during the British prime of their rules in India. And its colonial-style structure that is a famous destination for hiking and the amazing Gilbert trail which originates from this place has rich flora and fauna that makes is a nature lover's paradise. Kasauli Tour is also a place of immense religious significance. In Kasauli Trip, you travel to the highest point of Kasauli, which is also called the monkey point where you treat your eyes to the spectacular sights of the entire valley.
    Kasauli is easily accessible by road from New Delhi and other cities of north India by virtue of being located between the Chandigarh and Shimla on the way of Kalka-Shimla National Highway. Here we can describe the 10 best places to see in Kasauli Tourism Package:

    Gilbert trail
    Sunset Point
    Monkey point
    Christ church
    Sunrise point
    Gurkha Fort
    The mall road
    Timber Trail resort

    Find the best Kasauli tour package, and get visited Kasauli with your friends and enjoy delicious local food and hot beverages from the roadside shacks.

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