Public folder to Office 365 Migration

  • Many organizations have Public Folders setup for shared access to information across a team or work group. Public folder migration will be risky without proper planning and Execution. If you follow manual approaches, you need to go through lengthy procedures and complex Power Shell commands. To avoid all these difficulties, it is worth to follow third party tool like EdbMails which offer seamless migration of public folders to Office 365.

    Office 365 Migration tool

    Key Features:

    Simple and high performance tool to migrate Public folder to Office 365.
    Unlimited Public folders migration to Office 365
    High speed migration with advanced technology. Migrate large data in short duration to reach time line without downtime.
    Direct migration of Office 365 Public folder to Office 365 Mailbox or to Office 365 Public folder
    Direct migration of Office 365 Public folder to Exchange server mailbox or to Exchange server Public folder
    Support for Office 365 Public folder to Shared mailbox migration
    Multiple filtering options like Date, Subject, Attachments, From, To, Cc, Bcc etc. which help you to choose only the required items to migrate.
    Support for almost all Exchange versions.
    Why to choose EdbMails for Public folder to Office 365 Migration?
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    Direct Migration of Public Folders to Office 365: Migrate all the Office 365 Public folder data including Emails, Calendar, Contacts etc to Office 365/ Exchange Public folder or Mailboxes.
    Unlimited Public folder Migration: The software allows you migrate unlimited Public folders from your source to destination server.
    Automatic setting of impersonation rights: The tool automatically sets the impersonation rights to both source as well as target server.
    Automatic Mapping: The tool automatically maps Public folder Mailbox between the source server and target server.
    Granular Migration: With EdbMails, you can migrate individual items of your choice. There is no restriction on the size of the mailbox.
    Extensive Filtering options: Migrate selective items using include/exclude filters based on ‘Before date’, ‘After Date’ and ‘Subject’ , Attachment, Cc Address, Bcc Address.