Need the steps to setup Bellsouth Email On Windows 10?

  • As the service providers of Bellouth are an AT&T ISP provider, Bellsouth is one of the largest email services in the United States. The email provider provides a seamless service and a simple user interface. Additionally, it was found that sometimes a user has issues with his or her sign-in account.
    You can, therefore, do so via Bellsouth Email Settings if you also face and want to deal with the same issue. This is often the case for whatever cause, or if you change email settings, you will encounter sign-in errors. Nonetheless, it may be remedied with a few easy measures. Please follow the article carefully to make this job even easier. This article contains a list of steps.

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    You will open the Outlook first and foremost.
    You will select the File option and select the Add Account option.
    Then you will need to press the "Continue" button and choose a "Hand-configure servers settings or additional server forms."
    You will then immediately click Yes and add your name to the Bellsouth list.
    In addition, IMAP and POP settings must be selected and the next choice pressed.
    First, in the incoming mail server area, you must enter''
    In the Outgoing mail server area, you need to complete''
    You will then be asked to fill them in with the email and password.
    In that way, you must check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box and "Use the same settings as my incoming mail server" box when selecting the' More Settings ' option.
    Then you must click on the Advanced Tab to verify if the POP3 port number of the Incoming Server is set to 995.
    In addition, it is necessary to check the port number of the outgoing server for POP3 at 465. Otherwise, do so.
    In the "Use the following type of encrypted link" portion, you must also require SSL.
    You have to press the Start button once you do this.

    Bellsouth net email settings your account on Windows 10 instantly. Once you follow the above measures, you won't worry about the Bellsouth email settings windows 10. If you happen to see any problems while conducting the measures, do not worry and contact Bellouth's tea department immediately. You will find a complete solution throughout the clock.

  • BellSouth is a telecommunications company that AT&T had purchased in 2006. The company offers other services including home telephone service, cell phone service, and Internet broadband service. BellSouth Internet users have free email addresses with the prefix "" Since the purchase, BellSouth email has been routed via AT&T's Yahoo-powered Web Email service. If you have or have a Bellsouth email login address and are unsure if it is still available, try logging in to your email account using your AT&T Web email address. If the email address remains active you can sign in.

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