Computer tech support 24/7

  • Computer tech support 24/7 is an independent provider of technical support for computer software, hardware, and peripherals and not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified. Call now to get instant access to PC tech experts.
    Computer tech support 24/7

    FAQ – Computer tech support 24/7
    Below are a number of questions & answers to often asked questions. If you can’t find a solution to your problem, please chat with one of our certified technicians.
    What are our working hours?
    We are available to provide you with a computer support service 24 x 7. Feel free to chat with us round the clock. Resolving your PC issues is what our service is all about.
    What is the mode of payment?
    You can pay for our service by making use of credit cards and debit cards via Paypal payment service…The faster, easier, more secure way to make an online payment.
    Do we provide a service guarantee?
    Of course, we provide a guarantee for all services rendered by our certified technician. We run our business from a remote location and real-time feedback and word of mouth referral are very important to keep our business alive and growing. Therefore, we offer free computer diagnosis to ensure that we will fix your computer issue. If we do not fix it you will get a full refund. We always offer the best service in every task we sign up to complete for you.
    How the services are provided by the techies?
    Internet connection and the remote access software is very important to allow us to successfully complete our service project for you. To avail of our service, you must be able to install the remote access software that we recommend you install on to your computer. After you install the software you should provide us with the access code. We help with PC, laptop, and internet gadget related issues of any kind that is solvable by making use of the remote access software.
    Not able to install the remote access software?
    Our customer support team will help you via live chat to download and install the remote access software. If you are not able to install the remote access software on your computer, we might not be able to help you. Talk to our customer service team and explain your position, for they will guide you best to install the software on to your computer to make remote access possible on your computer.
    What is the best online technical support service?
    Computer tech support 24/7

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