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    Chemistry is one of the disciplines of science. In chemistry, we will study atoms, molecules, ions in elements or compounds and their structures, properties, physical characteristics, behaviour, reaction with different chemicals. Chemistry is the science of transformation of molecules and atoms. Chemistry plays important role in day to day life. So study of chemistry is essential just like other science branches like physics, biology, geology etc. Chemistry application exist in field of medicine, industries manufacturing of fertilizers, dyes, drugs etc., food and consumption items.

    With the help of chemistry, we can explain how the atom or molecule interact with each other form a bonds and what are the characteristics bonds have and how many type of bonding are there? Some of the types of bonding are:

    1. Covalent Bonding
    2. Ionic Bonding
    3. Metallic Bonding
    4. Hydrogen Bonding
    5. Van der Waals force bond
      A covalent bond is that type of bonding that formed due to complete sharing of electrons pairs between atoms. This type of bonding is also referred as molecular bonding. Ionic bonds are formed due to electrostatic attraction between two opposite ionic charges and it is strong enough to hold the atoms. It is also referred as electrovalent bond. Metallic bonding is responsible for holding atoms together of metallic substance with the help of electrostatic attraction between the sea of free electrons and positively charged ions. It’s like a small no. of positive charge ions in the sea of electrons (quantity is much more of electrons as compared to positively charged). A hydrogen bond is formed between the positively charged hydrogen atom with highly negatively charged atoms. Its strength is not much as covalent bonds because it is just a dipole-dipole attraction i.e. it doesn’t form a complete bond rather it’s electrostatic attraction between atoms. Van der Waals bonding is one of the weakest among other bonds. Van der Waals doesn’t form a complete chemical electronic bond.
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      Topic to be covered:
      ->Structure of atoms
      ->Periodic table
      ->Chemical bonding and molecular structure (detailed)
      ->Laws of chemistry
      ->Chemical Reactions
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