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    Mathematics is one of the most important subject in school. Mathematics is essential in many fields like science, engineering, medicine, finance. Mathematics is used in every aspect of studies so basic knowledge of mathematics is essential to understand the concepts. Learning basics of mathematics is must for students to set up their goals and have a right choice of learning platform is needed to fulfil their desires, we have expertise in mathematics for your guidance. For more information, visit assignment help.

    In this module of “Math-I”, we will cover the basic topic which will help you to know the some of the basic concept that involve in practise and help in understanding the mathematics application.
    Topics to be Covered
    A set is a collection of distinct objects, things or numbers. In this we learn the different theories of sets and basic understanding of Venn diagram.
    It’s a study of relationship between different lengths and angle of triangle, we learn about different type of functions used in trigonometry
    Quadratic equation and complex numbers
    In this topic we will cover the basics of algebraic equation, specially about the quadratic equations and study of different type of numbers: real, imaginary and complex variables.
    Permutation and Combination
    It deals with ways in which various things can be arranged and combined. It’s very important topic for the field of qualitative analysis.
    In this topic we study chances of certain events to occur with the help of data. Theorems on probability.
    Sequences and series
    Introduction to different type of series: A.P (arithmetic progressions), G.P (geometric progression), H.P (harmonic progression)
    Conic Sections
    It’s the study of different kind of curves obtained by conic sections intersections.
    It the study of different kind of methods, we can use for analysis of data in terms of Mean, Median, Mode, Variance, Standard Deviation.

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    We will cover each topic in details in this module of “Math-I”, after completion, we will do more on basic of mathematics which cover inverse trigonometry, matrix & determinant, differential equations, limits and derivatives, integration and other important topic. For any help related to specific topic of mathematics, visit our website for any further clarification.
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