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    Civil engineering is one of the of the branch of the engineering which deals with the designing and construction of the public or private works like dams, bridges and other infrastructure. It is the oldest branches of engineering which is popular since the ages when people started living in permanent household. Some of the ancient civil engineering works include the great wall of china, the Taj Mahal in India, the Egyptian pyramids and many more such example exist in world. Civil engineering is the specialized profession which uses creativity, innovation and techniques to design and built a marvelous piece of art like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

    A civil engineer is responsible for designing, building and maintaining a new infrastructure. It is also responsible for construction of the projects like roads, tunnels, water system, airports, bridges etc. Civil engineer must have in-depth knowledge of designing, physics, hydrology, geology of land and other important tools required for designing of footprint for any infrastructure. Civil engineer must design the project by keeping in mind of the cost, safety, ROI (return on investment) if it’s a private project, environment rule for construction and any other thing which can impact the project.
    Types of Civil Engineering:

    1. Construction Engineering
    2. Environmental Engineering
    3. Geotechnical Engineering
    4. Water Resource Engineering
    5. Structural Engineering
    6. Transportation Engineering
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      After completing with the types of civil engineering, we will go through some of the subject studied in the civil engineering with different types of designing software available. This are some of the subjects in civil engineering:
    7. Material science and engineering
    8. Construction engineering
    9. Building technology
    10. Structural analysis & Design
    11. Hydraulic structure
    12. Strength of material
    13. Fluid mechanics
    14. Surveying-land and surveying
    15. Architecture and Town Planning
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