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    Electrical Engineering is one of the most important branch of engineering which deals with the study, design, application and devices related to electricity or electronics or electromagnetism. It is considered as the modern engineering branch because most of the major invention happen in the past are during 19th century and onwards.

    An Electrical engineer is responsible for designing and making of basic electrical circuits, electronics devices, electromagnetic fields and communication signals. Electrical engineers work on different kinds of components, devices, circuits and systems, from tiny chip to huge power plant electricity generation. Some of the famous personality in the field of electrical engineering are Thomas Edison who discover electric bulb, Nikola Tesla who discover induction motor, Guglielmo Marconi who invented Radio and many more such personality contribute in the field of electricity.
    Electrical engineering plays a very crucial role in present. There are many example exist in present where electrical engineering applied extensively one such example is electric vehicle like Tesla Motor, fully automated electric car which uses hybrid model i.e. Electrical and Mechanical engineering with Artificial Intelligence is used for making of Tesla car.
    Electrical engineering types:
    Electrical engineering is very vast technical field, so it has various subdivision which are following:

    1. Power Engineering
    2. Telecommunication
    3. Signal processing
    4. Instrumentation
    5. Electronics
    6. Computer engineering (combination of computer science and electrical engineering)
    7. Control engineering
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      After completing the subdivision of electrical engineering, then we go through some basics of electricity and circuits. Some of topics covered by our experts are:
    8. Ohm’s Law
    9. Electrical quantities (current, voltage, power, resistance)
    10. Analysis of circuit, series and parallel
    11. Kirchhoff’s law
    12. Basic measurement instrument
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