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    The knowledge of FEA (finite element analysis) for design engineer is must to understand the physical phenomenon using a numerical mathematical technique i.e. Finite element method. FEM is a numerical technique to find approximation solution of the physical problem when we are unable to solve it analytically. FEM is used in the development of the simulation software. Engineers used this technique to analysis their prototype or experiment to get optimize their design. FEM is a numerical method used in structural analysis, heat transfer analysis, fluid flow and mass transport problems.
    Complex mathematics and knowledge of physics law is required to understand any physical natural phenomenon that occur around us. But don’t worry, our expertice in FEA will let you understant this course on “FEA” in very easy and conceptual way.
    In FEM, a given domain is divided into collection of sub-domain, and over each subdomain the governing equation is approximated to get approximated solution at discrete number of points over such sub-domain.
    Steps involved in FEM

    1. Discretization of given domain (dividing whole domain into subdomains)
    2. Assume approximation solution over each subdomain or elements.
    3. Assembly of elements equation to obtain equation of whole problem.
    4. Imposition of the boundary condition.
    5. Solution of assembled equations.
    6. Post processing of the results (find like FoS, max. stress etc.)
      The goals of pre-processing are to develop an appropriate finite element mesh, assign suitable material properties, and apply boundary conditions in the form of restraints and loads.
      While the Post Processing involves the evaluation of FoS (factor of safety), Max. Stress etc.
      In this module of Finite element analysis our expert will cover the following topic:
    7. Introduction to different type of numerical methods
    8. Types of elements
    9. Procedure of finite element analysis
    10. Finite element error analysis
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      Though this module of FEA, we will provide the knowledge, how you can use numerical method especially FEM for understand the physical natural phenomenon and help to analyze the prototype in better way. Our expert will start from basic, how many type of numerical method is available for analysis of different kind of physical system like FEM, FVM, FDM. Then we proceed to the how to analyze the system and what are the condition required for it and in last we look what are the error occurs in this type of numerical methods.

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