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    SOLIDWORKS is one of the most used CAD software for mechanical design that lets student to sketch out ideas, experiment with features and dimensions, and produce model and detailed drawing even you can do simulation, how model behaves under certain conditions. SOLIDWORKS is used in many institutions, industries like aerospace to construction for designing and analysing the structure because of its capabilities and applications. Learning a CAD programs like SOLIDWORKS opens a door for students to learn more about designing and analysing a models, experiments and structure for optimization.

    The most important advantage of learning SOLIDWORKS is that this CAD program doesn’t require any pre- education, we just have to basic knowledge of computer and some terminologies like sketch, extruded, fillet, chamber or otherwise you will learn this upcoming topic of fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS.
    Topics covered in SOLIDWORKS Assignment help

    1. Fundamentals
      Introduction to designing, terminologies
    2. Parts
      Design methods, tools and features commonly used to make parts
    3. Assemblies
      shows assembly of different parts
    4. Drawings
      Drawing sheet formats, dimensions, annotations.
    5. Demonstration
      A task which include parts, assembly and other post process
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      SOLIDWORKS is CAD software used for structural designing generally and have a basic knowledge of this software is must for understanding a various drawing, design for the optimization of model or prototype. So in this module of SOLIDWORKS, we will cover first basic fundaments of designing and get introduce to various tools and terminologies and then we cover how to create a parts and then how to assemble various parts to make a whole prototype or model for further analysis. In the end we wrap up this module by doing one demonstration of our leaning of SOLIDWORKS.
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