Before Starting Webroot Installation Process, Be Sure System Requirements

  • First, you will search for an older version of antivirus on your Computer and reinstall or upgrade it from the webroot's official site.
    You must check if there are any other antivirus programs on your computer, before starting to download and install / safe antivirus, to prevent more software conflicts.
    You have to search for a significant amount of space before downloading an antivirus.
    The device requirements for any antivirus configuration play an essential role so that the installation details of your program are reviewed with kindly
    You don't have to uninstall or reinstall any of the software if you're already a webroot user.
    PC Subject to RAM at least 128 MB.
    Good internet or Wi-Fi connectivity is available.
    Google Chrome (new version), Mozilla Firefox, Opera Partially compatible Browser- Microsoft Edge Fully compatible browsers- Google Chrome.
    Processor- family AMDK6-Athlon / Duron, family Intel Pentium / Celeron, etc.